TWO is a new kind of mission-driven AI company. We are on a journey to make Artificial Reality a true reality, where imagination is the only boundary of what can be created. We are pushing the boundaries of AI by connecting experiences in the real-world with AI-generated digital representations of new synthetic realities.

We are building the Disney of Tomorrow, a world where Artificial Reality exists across all modalities, from sound to sight to touch.

TWO is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. Our other offices are located in Seoul, South Korea and Mumbai, India.

Meet the team

We are a team of innovators who are passionate about building new experiences and technology.

Our leadership brings years of experience from MIT, Harvard, Oxford, IIT Bombay, NASA, Google, Microsoft, and Samsung.

Chances are, you are already using the products they helped to create. Samsung Gear, Galaxy Watch, Gear 360, and Project NEON, just to name a few.

Our Leadership

Pranav Mistry


MIT, Samsung, Microsoft

Abhijit Bendale


MIT, Samsung

Namwook Kang



Bo Moon


Bloomberg, Samsung

Simon Gibbs

VP, Platforms

Sony, Samsung

Michael Sapienza


Oxford, Samsung

Hayley Chung


SK Telecom, Google

Bob Lian

VP, Products

Intel, Samsung

Our Advisors

Steve Chen

Co-founder, YouTube

Shekhar Kapur


Pattie Maes

Professor, MIT

Harpreet Chadha

Chairman, Expertquote

John Chung

CEO, JC&Company