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We are TWO

Building consumer AI apps and services powered by our proprietary Generative AI engines.

Ultrafast Multilingual
Online Gen-AI Models

SUTRA are ultrafast, multilingual, online Generative AI models that can operate in 50+ languages with conversation, search, and visual capabilities.


Supports ultrafast text-generation and instruction-following in multiple languages.


Connected and hallucination-free models that provide factual responses in a conversational tone.


Lightweight MoE architecture and purpose-built tokenizer enables ultra low latency.


Energy and cost efficient as well as easier to maintain and add new language capabilities.

SUTRA models are fine-tuned and aligned with 10M+ conversational data, ensuring coherent and consistent dialogs.

50+ languages with

accuracy & efficiency

accuracy & efficiency

SUTRA-Multilingual surpasses leading models by 30-50% on the leading MMLU benchmark in comprehending and generating responses across numerous languages.


& hallucination-free

& hallucination-free

SUTRA-Online are connected and hallucination-free models that understand queries, browse the web, and summarize information to provide current answers.

It can answer queries like “Who won the game last night” or “What’s the current stock price” accurately, whereas offline models suffer from knowledge cut-off dates.


Who won in yesterday’s India vs England
cricket match?

India won the cricket match
against England yesterday with
a thumping 434-run victory.
Ravindra Jadeja took five
wickets as England collapsed.
It was quite a smashing win
for India!


Who won in yesterday’s India vs England
cricket match?

I'm sorry, but I cannot provide
real-time information or updates
as my training data only goes up
until January 2022, and I do not
have access to the internet.

cost effective

real scalability

real scalability

SUTRA uses purpose-built multilingual tokenizers, reducing token consumption by 80 to 200% across all languages.

These models are ultrafast, achieving 120 tokens per second. And they're efficient, resulting in 5-8 times in cost-savings.


text and voice

text and voice

SUTRA-Avatar are generative AI models capable of generating 4K photorealistic characters complete with emotions, gestures, and voice.

This model allows extensive customization, offering a range of appearances and expressions to achieve authentic interactions with artificial characters.

SUTRA powers live video calls with AI in ZAPPY and was utilized to create a digital experience between cricketers and fans during the 2023 Indian Premier League.


available now

available now

SUTRA models are the technology backbone of TWO’s products and services and are available as Model as a Service (MaaS) to other apps and services via usage-based pricing and simple-to-integrate APIs.

ZAPPY is TWO’s AI-native messaging and social app that lets users connect with friends and AI personas with messaging, social media posts called moments, and real-time voice and video calls. Its fun features like Magic Chat, AI Video Calls, and AI Camera are attracting Gen-Z to the new social platform in the hundreds of thousands.

Experience the fun of video calls in a new AI-generated look. Share fun Moments with friends, family, and followers. Enjoy chats with new AI Friends who have unique personas and memories.

next gen AI

messaging & social

messaging & social

New features coming soon include open MeetUps moderated by AI, and even the abilty to invite AIs into group chats with friends.

ZAPPY launched in South Korea and is growing rapidly with millions of messages and hundreds of thousands of users. Coming to India soon and globally this summer.

fastest growing AI

growing AI

app in Korea

app in Korea

Over 300,000 users and 15,000,000 messages sent on ZAPPY, and we are just getting started. Join the community who are bold, witty, and ZAPPY.

Learn more about ZAPPY

a new kind of search

Geniya is our advanced conversational search engine powered by our proprietary AI engine, SUTRA-Online. It is a new kind of personalized, fun, and mobile-first search experience that makes finding information like talking to a friend.

Search is due for an overhaul. Instead of wading through ads, sponsored links, and websites, users can ask Geniya and get simple, fast, and straightforward answers.

we make search

we make search a

a conversation


It goes beyond traditional search methods by actively searching the web, understanding content, and synthesizing answers in a conversational manner.

Geniya is built for people who love straight-up answers and the best links to the right images and videos.

ask anything

learn everything

learn everything

Geniya’s got a unique personality, and it thinks about what you are looking for to get you to the right place. And to make the conversation really flow, push the speaker icon to hear her say the answer out loud!