TWO is redefining Human-AI Interaction and building immersive AI experiences powered by SUTRA, the next generation of ultrafast multilingual Gen-AI engines.

Building AI
for next billions

in 50+ languages

  • English

  • हिन्दी

  • 한국어

  • ગુજરાતી

  • मराठी

  • தமிழ்

  • తెలుగు

  • العربية

  • ಕನ್ನಡ

  • ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

  • 日本語

  • বাংলা

  • മലയാളം


Ultrafast, multilingual, online, Generative AI models that excel in 50+ languages with conversation, search, and visual capabilities.

SUTRA surpasses other leading LLMs by 20-30% on the MMLU performance benchmark for non-English languages with high-accuracy and cost-efficiency.

SUTRA multilingual models support 50+ languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Korean, Arabic, Japanese, and more. SUTRA's unique LLM architecture decouples concept learning from language learning, enables faster training cycles and cost-efficient inference.

SUTRA API is available now.


beyond text and voice

ZAPPY - an AI-native messaging and social app powered by SUTRA that lets users befriend AI personas and interact with them in real-time voice and video calls.

Geniya - a mobile-first AI search experience that makes finding information fun and like talking to a friend.

Geniya is in public Beta and powered by SUTRA-Online.

Bridging the language gap in language models

SUTRA is an innovative multilingual LLM architecture that powers text generation, summarization, and instruction-following in 50+ languages.

Building multilingual AI for the next billions

Most LLMs are trained on data in English, leaving a massive gap of capabilities in most other languages. We are building AI for the 81% of the world that doesn’t speak English.

AI-native consumer experiences beyond text and voice

SUTRA models are the technology backbone of TWO’s products and services used by hundreds of thousands of people, growing every day.