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Jun 13, 2023

Key Highlights from IPL 2023

In just a few weeks during IPL 2023, TWO's technology delivered over 300,000 personalized video messages to fans from their favorite players.

TWO Team

It’s been two weeks since the IPL 2023 Finals, and our team is reflecting on the successful launch of AutoCameo and its debut in Jio's VIP Box fan experience, providing personalized video messages to millions of cricket fans during IPL 2023.

Here are some key highlights of AutoCameo's performance during IPL 2023:

  • Almost 300,000 requests were received from fans seeking personalized messages from their favorite IPL2023 players.

  • During peak periods, the AutoCameo API generated 160 personalized video messages per minute without outages and with minimal strain on the back-end infrastructure.

  • In just 12 days, we have accumulated over 2 million views and widespread engagement across various social media platforms.

Among the most requested were personal birthday and anniversary messages from the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Chennai Super Kings. Fans took their excitement to social media to share their AutoCameo videos with their friends and community:

We’re delighted to have brought joy to numerous cricket fans in India this IPL 2023 season. And this is just the beginning! We anticipate AutoCameo extending its applications beyond cricket and sports, across various industries globally.

So, make sure to keeps tabs on AutoCameo! 😄