Senior Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure

Silicon Valley, USA

We are looking for a Senior Engineer - Cloud Infrastructure to help us build our core technology stack. This position requires a strong track-record in software engineering and a passion for the design of complex software systems that need to run consistently and efficiently at scale. In this role, you utilize your deep understanding of design patterns, cloud architecture principles, and microservices architectures to architect and develop backend AI-enabled services and infrastructure. With an emphasis on concurrency and scalability, you will be a vital part of building AI based products to be used by millions.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • BS/MS in Computer Science (or equivalent)

  • 4+ years of prior experience in developing, deploying and managing large-scale cloud-based infrastructure

  • Strong experience in JavaScript, Python, Node, Express, AWS SDKs etc.

  • Prior experience of exposing services via APIs to downstream applications

  • Commitment to work onsite

To apply, send your CV to