Engineer - NLP

Silicon Valley, USA

We are looking for a Engineer - NLP to help us build our core technology stack. This position requires the ability to rapidly iterate over algorithms, high attention to detail, and to be able to decompose complex problems and define simple, easy-to-understand solutions. In this role, you will develop robust backend NLP pipelines. Bring your strong R&D background, passion for cutting-edge research, and skills to develop algorithms that scale in real-world.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • BS/MS/PhD in Computer Science or related areas

  • 3+ years of prior experience in Python, C++, NLTK, Transformers, PyTorch, Tensorflow etc.

  • Experience with REST, FLASK, NodeJS for deploying services

  • Experience of working with classic as well as deep learning based large scale language models.

  • Proven ability of taking cutting-edge algorithms to production

To apply, send your CV to